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It’s NOT you, it’s ME!


I hate to be ignored and i’m sure you can agree that it is a very common thing.

I became aware very recently that because of the need to be active in social media (on all of the myriad of platforms and places a person can be online and active these days) that I have been ignoring lot of people.

I’d like to say that ‘It’s NOT you, It’s ME!

That is why I have decided to do the mature thing and write to all of you.

The challenge I face is, that I am a Analogue Man in a digital world.

I just recently celebrated my birthday and can remember when there were no mobile phones, iPods or tablets, YES, not even the internet! This was all the stuff of science fiction, which I love.

I’m also not THAT old by the way i’m in my early 40’s!

Anyway having seen and experienced the rapid rise and contiued domination of the microchip and all that it can do, I have always maintained with technology a kind of ‘engaged detachment’ if that makes sense.

Obviously I want to remain engaged with all the latest developments of technology, what a great time to be alive! On the other hand I don’t want to lose that part of myself that is personable, friendly, helpful to others and above all else, aproachable. Which if you meet me in person i’m sure you will discover.  

At present I am on more than 10 different social media platforms each with their own programming language, messages, topics, contacts and etiquette. More and more keep appearing (almost daily) as companies try to out do one another on the digital field of competition.

I’m sure you can appreciate that to keep engaged with all of these all of the time would just make me a busy fool.

I therefore have decided to hang my hat, so to speak, on just one platform. 

So I am Announcing that from the end of 2017 I will only be answering comments left on my YouTube Channels

Flow with Mylo - Canal boat life

My main Channel 2k+ subscribers and counting!

I post here most frequently.

Go with Mylo - Traveling Life

Under 100 subs but that’s a start! I post here less frequently but my videos are more from my heart.

Trunk Circus - Performing Life

18 subs! I’d give this one a miss for now as there is no content up yet. 

I will not be closing my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts however and I may still authentically pop up on them now and then (I do not need a social media manager) but in order not to appear rude I feel it is better to direct any conversations or interactions though one platform.  


Just a re-assessment of boundaries. 

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Myles McDowell



Mylo. x is live!

Thank you everyone who has helped and supported me this last year to give Trunk Circus an online presence.

I have been approached by several summer camps, Scout and Brownie organisations and out doors events people to bring
Trunk Circus to them. It is my plesure to intoduce both children and adults alike to the joys of juggling and circus including performing my show  mylo's small show

Why not learn the skills of the circus... Juggling, Plate Spinning, Diabolo, UniCycling and Devil Stick. My unique Circus workshops are completely self contained and a must in developing hand-eye co-ordination, discipline, dedication, perseverance and showmanship. A basic school workshop consists of a

For assembly and then workshops throughout the day ending with the real wow factor. Prices start from as little as £150 !!


Performing at the 'Proud Caberet' in London as 'Mylo the unlikeliest stage hand' for the 'NO STRINGS' caberet.

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